Meet our team

At GMC 2000 we stock a wide range of quality used cars to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Based in Leeds in the West Yorkshire county, we are proud of the first class customer service we provide to all of our customers.

Meet the team at GMC 2000 who are here to help you find your next perfect car and make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Robert 'Bob' Gilpin (OWNER)

Robert or Bob as he is known in the motor trade set up gables motor company some years ago. (He would not want to divulge just how long as it would show his age) He enjoys all things american, spending time with his grand-kids and heading to the pub with his wife on a Saturday.

Paul (The Doobie) Slobodian - Sales Manager

Paul is GMC2000's sales manager. He has many years in the motor trade under his belt and has helped thousands of customers over the years make the right choice of car. He enjoys running, Lidl wines, Doobying and Chocolate Digestives.

Mark (The Hairdresser) Earnshaw - Sales Staff

Mark has now been with us for 2 years. (2 years too long)He has several years in the motor trade under his belt. Both in sales and in parts. He loves his Audi TT and enjoys nothing more than a few drinks whilst listening to 1950's country banjo music.

Martin (Paddy) Nolan - Sales Staff

Martin is our newest Victim..... We mean member of GMC2000. He has several years in the motor trade behind him which includes main dealer and used car sales. He loves Arsenal football club, Potatoes and has a great desire for all things Prawn based.

Justyn (Peen) Wade - Forecourt Staff

Justyn has in total been with GMC2000 nearly 8 years. He is always ensuring the cars are prepped to the highest standard and is seen working come rain sleet or shine. He enjoys listening to death metal, loves pink unicorns and long walks on the beach.

Danny (Scooter Man) Wood - Forecourt Staff

Danny works on the forecourt prepping cars. He can often be seen on his scooter (hence the nickname) going back and fore the chip shop. He enjoys playing basketball, the high jump and is exceptional at painting skirting boards.

Richard (Taffy) Dunn - Buyer

Richard has been with GMC2000 since 2014 and has moved from Sales to the purchasing of our cars. He comes from the beautiful south wales valleys and moved to Leeds with his family. He enjoys most sports, 60's Motown and watching paint dry.

Keith (Big Arms) Ware - Technician

Keith is GMC2000's technician. He has many years in the motor trade and has exceptionally high standards when it comes to his work. He is a regular at the gym which is where his nickname comes from. He enjoys Moto GP and 1960's love songs.

Nathan (The Beard) Waite - Admin Staff

Nathan is GMC's administration Guru. He can be seen regularly walking up and down the forecourt keeping a watchful eye on the staff for the Boss. An extremely scary man feared by all at GMC2000.

James (What You Talking About) Willis - Forecourt Staff

James joined GMC in February 2018. He has integrated in to the GMC family very well. You can see James come rain or shine cleaning cars wearing his favourite and famous Yellow Hoodie. He loves Manchester united and his favourite film is dirty dancing.